Sunday, March 25, 2007

Is it just me? Love

Ok, I know it's been a while, and I apologize, my life has been seriously putting me through he- *voice over* heck (Ba-dum psh!). So to make it up to all you guys who simply love my blog (you know who you are, both of you), I'm opening up my heart to give you something special. A rant about, you guessed it, love.

So what's the deal? Why love? I'll tell you why, so far my life has been all about love. Loving games, loving people, loving life. This recently changed due to a very unfortunate incident involving a (former) dear, dear friend of mine. So, I started asking myself questions; what is love? And no, baby don't hurt me no more isn't a good enough answer. I asked questions, got feedback, and the views of a few people.

"Love is more than an emotion, it's a commitment, a sacrifice." -- Suzanne Walker
"Love is God, God is love. That's an equal sign." -- Wayne Pedersen
"I've seen your face, I've heard your voice and I know your heart. What else do I need to love you?" -- Anonymous

Love can be interpreted as a range of things. Love can be respect, as you love a friend. Love can be lust, as in making love. Love can be romantic, as in loving a spouse. Love can be material, as in loving a hobby. Love can be a weapon of mass destruction, and it can be a weapon of mass healing. Love can bring life, and it can kill. The bible dedicated several verses to love. From "love is patient, love is kind", to "Hope, faith and love. But the greatest of these is love". Why is love so important? Life without love is life not worth living. I've found this out through bitter experience.

The problem with the world is we've lost sight of the importance of love, and we've twisted it. We now only see love as pleasure; lust. Turn on mtv and watch for 5 minutes, and I guarantee you'll see it. Let me remind you, mtv is watched by millions of teens from ages 12 to 18, and this is what they feed from. Is it any wonder why over half of all marriages in North America end in broken families? The lust dissolves, and the bond breaks. True love is a rare sight in today's world. True love is what will tie a family together for all time. True love is a love so pure, that when shared, there is a power emanating from those who share it that can affect the very world outside them. Love is like a deadly sword. In the right hands, it can cleave all fear and bring hope, faith, and joy. In the wrong hands, it spreads destruction and pain.

I see love as being an indispensable piece of life. Although, love in this world is no longer perfect. There was a time when it was, but it is not anymore. So many people say love is perfect, and they base other judgement off that. That's how the whole homosexual marriage thing flared up. Love is not perfect, it's been twisted, beyond the point of redemption. You cannot base a judgement off of love anymore, the only thing you can rely on in today's world is God, absolutely nothing less.

So is it just me, or has love taken a back seat, and let only one if it's forms reign? Think of the three-branch government, and how the country would last with only one of those branches. Is it just me, or is our world eroding because of society's lost sight of the one thing that truly matters more than anything else on this planet? Love. Jesus came not to condemn, but to save, through love. Love is the greatest asset mankind has, not nuclear power or internet, and yet like those things, it's perverted and twisted. Is it just me, or will this only get worse? This time, folks, I hope it's just me.


Anonymous said...

Amen! Have you ever thought of being a preacher? Your write up was excellent! I know what you mean by it...No one takes the second law to heart-love your niehbor as yourself.

James William Walker V said...

Haha, thank you! Yes, I have thought of it, but whenever I do think of it, I find it hard to imagine people listening to humble ol' me, as opposed to someone else. Thanks for the praise though :) Sometimes I feel as if I am the only one who honors the golden rule. Only problem is I rarely get treated back as I treat others.

One thing I'd like to ask though, who is this friend?