Monday, June 11, 2007


Yeah, I've been gone WAY too long. For those of you waiting on a review for Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, forget it. I've gotten to the point where I'm at the last gym, and I've completely lost interest in it. Basically, the best parts of the game START after you beat the elite four, and frankly, I'm too lazy to get that far. Nothing significantly new has been added to the series (apart from the awesome wireless innovations), nearly all of the pokemon look crappy, and it's the same style that you hated about Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. Level-up your guys and beat the next person. After that, level yours guys some MORE, THEN get to the next level. Basically, the entire game comes out to; level, beat challenge, level, beat challenge, level, beat challenge. Most of the competetive-friend factor has been negated. You know, the factor that's like, "Hey look man, check out my awesome base!" "Dude, where the crap did you get that!?!?" "Oh yeah, and check out my mad team!!" "Aw, fer rel!?" "Cha man!!". Now it's just... you have to be a hacker to get some of the best stuff. Either that or toil away for countless boring hours. Apart from being able to trade pokemon wirelessly (the BEST thing to ever happen to pokemon), I think Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald were better.

So there's the pokemon review in a nutshell (don't ask for a score, I'm too lazy to add up a score for this game). In other news, I've been promoted at Tim Horton's! Get a little raise, and a little more respect. Yay. Oh, and I've fallen in love with Super Paper Mario for Wii. If you have no Wii, GET ONE! If you have one, GET PAPER MARIO! If you have it, GOOD! PLAY IT!

In other news, YC King 2007 was a bummer. I stupidly spent $650 (not including tickets), KJ-52 wasn't there, and I got sick for most of the duration of it. The shining star was tobyMac's concert. ILU TOBYMAC!!! And I bought all of his CD's, a poster of him, a couple buttons, a hat, and a sticker. $75 at the tobyMac booth, hahah. It would've been a MILLION times better if he was signing stuff, and if some jerk didn't spill root beer all over my poster, ruining it on the ride home. Oh well.

Oh, and if listening to a tobyMac CD and then ejecting it just as tobyMac was on the radio on the same day as playing DDR to a tobyMac song wasn't coincidence enough, I log onto Whyville to find there's a tobyMac concert!! tobyMac-mania!!! Of course, a lot of people on Whyville are all spazzy about Christian artists on Whyville, and how they want more Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance and junk. Honestly, do they think most parents would enjoy seeing offensive artists on a kid's site? Just goes to show that Christian music is one of the final frontiers in acceptable music. Heck, I don't even like music all that much, and I can see it's effects on society. I'm not really into Christian music, but KJ and tobyMac are my exceptions. Props to other Christian artists for being in the industry, and boo sucks on the secular artists... well, most of them. Black Eyed Peas has a little of my respect, since they aren't as sick as most other bands. Meh, that's the music industry for ya, and my view on it.

As a final bit of news, for all that stuff I posted on that Heartbreak series, you guys can forget about it now. I'm so far over that hill, I'm climbing the mountain that's like, 5 hills after that hill. Besides, summer's coming up and I'm gonna be one of the few chaps who's not having fun in the sun. Maybe I'll reduce my hours at Timmy's. There's an idea!! Well, hope this update will hold you guys over until the next time I'm around. Sorry about that wait folks, I'm swamped. I'll get back to you soon though, that's a promise. Until then, ciao.