Saturday, February 24, 2007

Is it just me? Hollywood Pairs

Ok, so I figure my blog has had zero action in it for long enough. I've decided to start a little something called, "Is it just me?".

I'm sure the title says it all, but in case you're just a little slow, here's the 411. These articles/rants will be about amusing things I find that I don't think many other people are aware of. So here it is, the first of the bunch, "Is it just me?"!

Hollywood Pairs
Is it just me, or is Hollywood dishing out movies under themes? It feels like during one time period, we go through one phase, and then during another, it's another phase. Don't know what I mean? Read on, and you'll get it.

Mid 2003 was definitely Pirate-themed. With the release, of the all-popular "Pirates of the Caribbean; Curse of the Black Pearl" literally setting the bar for this era, we all (Hollywood included) fell into a piraty mood. Of course, Orlando Bloom got his first shining moment in this Hollywood hit, as lead role "William Turner". Another new face in Hollywood making a grand appearance was Keira Knightly as "Elizabeth Swann". But we all know, the sticky stuff that held the movie together was the intoxicatingly amusing, Johnny Depp's "Jack Sparrow", the tipsy pirate who knows what he's doing... most of the time. It would not be until three years later that it's newer, and less popular, counterpart would set sail onto North American shores, with the returned antics of Jack, the returned seriousness of Will, and the returned beauty of Elizabeth. However, is it just me, or did somebody plan the next movie coming out roughly the same time?

Enter Sinbad; Legend of the Seven Seas. Now technically, these guys came first by about a week, but it wasn't until after PotC that they got any attention. Although it may seem mere coincidence, Sinbad's plot may seem unsettlingly parallel to PotC.

As far as Characters go, Sinbad is one of those tales where you remember faces better than names, so let's help you all out. First, we have Depp's more sober counterpart, Sinbad the pirate. While he does have good deep inside, the wily Sinbad knows his stuff, and is definitely not without a humorous side (although if you want a true reflection of Sparrow, try combining Sinbad with Rat the lookout). Coming next would be the shade of Knightly, Maria the noble. Like the PotC version, Maria is torn between two men. Although the parallels stray off when it comes to WHO she chooses, it seems like a familiar tune to me. And another big face in the pot would be the animated, slightly longer-haired version of Turner, Proteus the prince of Syracuse and fiance to Maria. Strange how love-triangles from the maritimes always seem to be between the woman, a noble, and a man much lower on the food chain (pirate/blacksmith). Anywho, around the beginning, you'll see a strange parallel with Proteus willing to sacrifice his life for Sinbad, much like the ending of Curse of the Black Pearl. When it comes to plot, we see the same story with different words. Something supernatural is happening, we have to go and collect something, vanquishing evil at the same time, and we're always in a bit of a hurry.

And although this similarity is more shared between Sinbad and Dead Man's Chest, both have a starring appearance by a Kraken. Odd, no?

Although that's just one example, I could write on a good few more. But I'm sure by now you can pick them off in your head. If you can't, then grab your phone, call up your chum, tell them about this article, and ask them for more examples. I'm sure they'll be able to help ya there.

So is it just me, or is Hollywood shipping themed movies in pairs? Is it just freak coincidence, or are there greater minds at work behind this? Well, only time, and a lot more movies, will tell. Until then, this is James William Walker V, asking you all, is it just me?


Anonymous said...

Hey James, hows life? Comming to visit us at school?

James William Walker V said...

Yeah, do you guys have school ths week? I'll probably call and find out anyway, so it doesn't really matter. Anywho, how's life at school?...didja like the article? *shifty eyes*

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